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Recreational activities in fantastic atmosphere.. Summer is lovelier in Annakheel Makarim Village in Jeddah

Sep 30,2008

Annakheel Makarim Village in Jeddah has announced its fantastic programs for the summer vacations. The programs were selected carefully to offer the distinguished individuals, families, companies and institution recreational services of high quality with reasonable prices. Similarly, the Village allows all its visitors to enjoy the services and the diverse recreational programs, and gives them a chance to relax and renew their energies in a happy atmosphere with modern facilities. The services include sport facilities, health clubs, restaurants, water sports, huge TV screen for watching television programs. The kids have also plenty of choices to enjoy themselves at the sea coast.
Annakheel Makarim Village is one of the most modern and most luxurious tourists' villages established by Sharaco. Sharaco itself is one of the largest national companies in managing and operating tourists and entertainment industry. Its expertise in this area has shown success.

Privacy and comfort were taken into consideration in designing the Village in an enjoyable and fabulous atmosphere, in addition to the majesty of architecture. The area of the Village is 100,000 square meters. 80% of that area was allotted to green plazas and outside activities. There are plenty of sport and recreational facilities that meet the diverse needs of the different age groups.

The Village offer Annakheel membership which include tourism program for families based on the subscription of the member by buying discounted coupons for staying at the hotels and villas along with service and recreational benefits. The membership in these services can include being a member in the health club, green playgrounds, swimming pool for children, a club for men and women(with a separate swimming pool for men and women) sauna, Jacuzzi, table tennis, billiard, tennis court, basket ball court, volley ball court and a beach. The Village also organizes in collaboration with Jeddah club for yachts; a yacht sea tours onboard luxurious yachts, with delicious meals in romantic atmosphere in the Red Sea fabulous nature. Meanwhile, there is a possibility of organizing hunting and diving trips for groups.
Moreover, there is a service of anchoring the yachts at the sea port along with other services such as providing fuel, maintenance, cleaning and renting maritime vehicles. The Village also has a health club for men and a separate one for women. These clubs include swimming pools, saunas, and rooms equipped with the state of art equipment for fitness. There are palm trees and green plazas that covers 80% of the total Village area plus games for children and a hall for amazing electronic games.

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